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Left Handed Violins

Hi guys,

Today I explain what a left handed violin is and why you probably do not need one and why you probably cannot find one. If you are a left handed person, be glad because you have an envious advantage!

Although only about 10% of the population is left handed, left handed people make up a large percentage of the best string players. This is true for a simple reason.

The most dexterous part of learning a stringed instrument is fingering the notes. If you use your strong hand to do this, not only will learning the violin be easier in the beginning stages, but you will probably end up with better technique than your right handed counterparts. Learning the violin is very difficult for all people but if you are left handed, it will be just a little bit less frustrating.

Also, "true" left handed violins are nearly impossible to find and very expensive. BEWARE of cheap stringed instruments that purport to be left handed violins. More than likely, they are just cheap violins that have been cosmetically modified to work as left handed instruments. The internals are more than likely the same as a regular instrument and therefore will never perform well.